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7Search and Google, The Same.. Yet Different!

It is easy to see why many of the advertisers who decide to move their Google advertising over to 7Search are of the mindset that nothing will change. Many assume that because both are paid search platforms that everything will remain the same.

7 Tips to Keep Your 7Search Account Up & Running!

It has been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Personally, I am inclined to agree with this. Why go through the trouble of correcting a problem when you can take the necessary steps to prevent it in the first place. This

Step-By-Step Guide to Porting Your Google Ads over to 7Search

One of the best ways to not only stay in business but to also help grow a business is to duplicate what’s already working well for you. In the case of online advertising, this could mean simply running your ad campaigns on more then one paid

Facebook Advertising: What NOT to Do!

I’m quite sure that Facebook will long be considered one of the best places to advertise if for no other reason then their traffic volume. Nevertheless, we still can not ignore the fact that it can often be uphill battles to run ads on there that

The Affiliate Marketing Blues

So you’ve found an exciting affiliate product or service to promote, set-up a paid search campaign and launched your ad. Your ad is receiving clicks but you are confused when you discover that not one person has opted to take advantage of your great

5 Places You Never Thought to Look for Keyword Ideas

One of the driving forces to achieving good online advertising results is good keyword selection. Whether you are in need of keywords for your websites content to help with SEO optimization or for your paid search campaigns, effective keywords are

An Outline for Proper PPC Ad Optimization

Every experienced PPC advertiser knows that in order to really get a paid search campaign off the ground it’s important to continually optimize it. Done correctly, a thoroughly optimized campaign can have a profound effect on the outcome of your

Is Your Business a Good Fit for PPC?

Recently, there was a publication detailing which industries spent the most on Google advertising last year, helping Google post multi-billion dollar earnings. It’s no secret that PPC advertising can be an extremely effective form or marketing

The Bounce Rate Blues

Anyone can take the time to create an advertisement that will get people’s attention long enough to entice them to click on it. What happens after the ad is clicked is what usually determines whether or not those marketing efforts will pay off.

One Word Search: When Less is More

Most experienced pay-per-click advertisers are already aware of the pitfalls of bidding on keywords that consist of only one word. As a member of the support staff, we often caution our advertisers against adding single terms to their

It’s the Most “Profitable” Time of the Year!

Even amidst constant talk of a down economy consumers still found a way to spend a staggering $816 million this year on Black Friday, posting a 26% increase over last years figures. Data also shows that sales topped 1 billion dollars on the biggest

7Search is Changing Things for the Better!

If you have manually added keywords to your 7Search campaign or attempted to check SmartBid data within the last 24 hours you may have noticed a few changes. While providing campaign assistance suggestions to our advertisers we have found it

Link Building and PPC, Make the Connection

If you have ever read any top ten lists on the best ways to drive traffic to your site then you have most likely come across a section dedicated to link building. Just to make sure that we are all on the same page, link building is simply the act

Is There Such a Thing as Giving Too Many Choices to a Consumer?

Everyone enjoys the feeling of having a large selection of products or services to choose from when shopping. There is just something about having options that actually makes us feel somewhat empowered. I guess the reason for this may be due in

Tapping into the Potential of!

This blog is being written “almost” solely for the naysayers out there who insist that 7Search isn’t capable of producing quality results. We don’t profess to be the absolute best in pay-per-click but we believe it’s only fair that we receive