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Choosing Profitable Affiliate Offers

Many affiliate marketers often find it difficult to select profitable offers considering the fact that there are literally thousands to choose from. Although it is often advised to test various offers to determine which will produce the best results,

7Search Spotlight: Ad Scheduling Tool

Did you know your 7Search advertising account features a little known gem that can help improve campaign performance? Our available Ad Scheduling Tool...

Usability Improvements to Help Increase PPC Conversions

According to an article the typical bounce rate for most landing pages is 50% which means that half of the traffic coming to most landing pages leaves right away. There are many reasons users leave, many of which are beyond a marketer’s control.

Traffic and Ad Performance: Make the Connection

No matter what paid search engine an online marketer may choose, the purpose of utilizing them is essentially the same, to run ads, drive traffic and generate sales/leads. While it is true that they all basically offer the same type of service,

The Do’s & Don’t of What You Need When Starting out in PPC

Overwhelming, confusing and even exhausting are just a few of the words I have heard used to describe how some have felt when they first began their online marketing careers. It’s understandable that new advertisers tend to have a long list of

PPC Advertising: It Pays to Learn the Ropes

You wouldn’t jump behind the wheel of a running car, put it in gear and hit the gas without knowing how to drive as this would more than likely cause you to crash. The same holds true for starting a paid search campaign. Even if you are simply

5 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Competition

You sell shoes. The guy across the street sells shoes also. Every morning you open up for business hoping that your competitor will post a going out of business sign; thus, driving his customers to your front door but unfortunately, that has yet

Creating PPC Landing Pages That Convert

Setting up the scenario: Your efforts have paid off, your campaigns are set up properly, ads are generating clicks and now the visitor is on your landing page. They browse the page for a few seconds but do not convert. This happens a few times

Minimum Bid update- Change is Good!

There is an old saying that goes “the only thing constant in life is change”. Well even if that is true, not all changes are bad. Proof of that would be the change recently implemented here at 7Search. For many years our advertising platform has

New Years Resolutions For Your 7Search PPC Advertising Account

You have probably made the typical New Years resolutions to quit smoking, lose weight, eat healthier etc, but have you taken the time to give your 7Search PPC campaign a facelift? We suggest you check out our new display network offerings which will

Optimization Wars: Exact Match -vs- Negative Keywords

There are many areas to consider when the time comes to optimize your PPC campaigns. The most critical areas are usually those that directly affect the volume of traffic your ad will be exposed to. Of course, it goes without saying, that traffic

Decisions, Decisions: Choosing the Best Affiliate Offers to Promote

Many affiliate marketers new to PPC start their marketing careers with the same question “What are the best offers to promote?” On the surface, this may seem like a fairly simple question, however; when you consider the many variables that affect

Changing Campaign Choices: You're a Space Scientist

Lately, I have been fielding calls from advertisers who are asking if they have the ability to change their campaigns, or to make adjustments to their keywords. I was surprised by this, and wanted to set the record straight.  

The Penny Bid -You Get What You Pay For!

You’ve got great keywords, killer ad copy and an awesome website so you should be converting like crazy right? Well it may come down to how competitively you are bidding. I have encountered some truly amazing ad campaigns where the advertiser is

Affiliate Marketers BEWARE!

I believe, based on what I have personally experienced as well as what I have seen others encounter that there truly is big money to be made with Affiliate Marketing. Now before you run out and quit your job in hopes of becoming an online marketing
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