7Search’s Display Network is Live and Ready For Business

The 7Search team is excited to bring our advertisers a new option to further their digital marketing goals. In addition to our pay per click network, we are now opening up our display network and adding it to the mix.

We are opening up a LOT of options for our advertisers with the display network. All advertisers will have the ability to choose what works best for them. Here’s a quick rundown of what the display network offers.

Graphical Banner Ads – Use images and text to reach new customers. We’re offering traditional banner sizes and targeting options based on country, vertical, time of day, keyword, OS, type of device as well as ISP and language.

Text Banners – Text ads using the banner format, choose from standard banner sizes to display your text ads.

Pop-Unders – Exactly what they sound like. These ads literally “pop under” the browser window to not be intrusive to the user’s browsing, instead letting the user focus their attention on the ad when ready.

Interstitial Pages – This is a full page splash ad that will appear before moving on to the user’s ultimate destination. It’s a great way to demand focus on your advertising.

That said, we have some tips for our new display network advertisers so you can make the most of your campaigns

Make use of the space that is available – use every pixel to its fullest potential, whether with text or relevant imagery. Boil down your intent to a sentence or two and be completely honest about what you’re selling. Consumers will take notice and be more compelled to click when they read about your value-proposition.

Use the audience targeting features – Audience targeting helps you specify which types of consumers will see your display ads and tends to get better results for your investment. The 7Seard Display Network offers a plethora of targeting options, geo-targeting, language, keyword, country, vertical, even down to the OS the user is running. So if you’re selling an app that runs on an OSX machine, you can discount the Windows user base as they would be irrelevant anyways.

Use an effective Call To Action – This one we learned from PPC and it applies to display, too. One of the most effective ways to drive results from consumers is to simply ask them to take that action. A few basic ways to help your call to action stand out: Highlight a benefit or value of what you’re selling, emphasize the design of the CTA, make sure it’s eye-catching. Make sure that the CTA looks like a clickable button. Remind consumers that your ad is clickable so they don’t miss that critical step.

Get cracking with your display advertising! With the holiday season upon us, this is the best time to get a head start on your holiday campaigns. If you’re interested in becoming a publisher, check this out.

Let us know how you’re liking the network on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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