Sequential Ad Testing: Running Campaigns with Campaign Scheduling

Here is a way to test your ads using our Campaign Scheduling tool that will allow you to see what type of traffic you will receive at different times and days. This was first proposed by our own Cleofe Betancourt, and is referred to as “sequential ad testing.”


First, create two campaigns with the same set of keywords for the same ad. These campaigns should contain different sets of ad copy, so as to deliver varying messages, depending upon the target audience you are trying to reach. You could also test different custom descriptions and titles on the keyword level to make the searcher’s experience more relevant.


Campaign Scheduling is an added feature to your account, so contact 7Search through our support system to make a request. Once this has been added, go to Edit Campaign.



Click here, and then scroll down the Edit page to the Campaign scheduling area:



Here, you will be asked to set your local time. Find this, and then save.


The screen that appears next shows all the times and days, broken down in bars.



You have several options to edit your times. If you wish to block times over the course of a week, click the box to the left of each hour.



As you can see, the week has been covered. If you wish to turn the ad off at these times, click “off.” If you wish to keep the ad active but wish to decrease your bids to save on spend, enter a percentage like “bid adjust down 10%.” After your changes are made, click Apply.



You will then be prompted to check your work. Click “Save All Changes” to retain your work.


If you wish your ad to be active or paused on certain days, click the box under each day.

Go to the right and select if you would like the ad to be on, off, or if you would like to raise or lower bids. Click Apply, and then Save All Changes.

For sequential ad testing, select the times and days you would like the ads to run. Align the times so that each ad dovetails the other. For example, run one ad on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Run the other ad on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Select times that you believe you’ll see the highest volume of traffic, and then turn the ad off on hours with low traffic.


It might look something like this:



You can then go to your other campaign and arrange the times to run in tandem with the other campaign, so Ad #2 appears on Tuesday, Thursday, etc.


To further test, reverse the times and days of the ads. Test out the ads on opposite days and times for weeks at a time to find the right combination of ad copy, keywords, response and click through rate. This is to cover all of your bases.


As a warning, 7Search does not allow two campaigns with the same set of keywords to operate in the same period of time. This is in violation of our Rules and Guidelines. However, the campaign scheduling tool can allow you to find out what works best for a particular set of keywords.


This is a useful tool if you can get full use from it. Contact 7Search and request it be activated if you haven’t yet. This can take a lot of the work out of testing and re-testing your choices.



Published Thursday, July 26, 2012 3:09 PM by John M


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