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Here we are, down to the last few days before the big day. A lot of last minute shopping is happening, both in stores and online. According to Tess Stynes of the Wall Street Journal, U.S. online retail sales rose 14% from the same time last year. While the majority of last minute shopping will be in brick and mortar stores, another $5 to $6 billion is predicted for the rest of the month. There is still opportunity to be had, so here are some ideas to consider.


Last minute shipping. If you are able to offer shipping, that is great. If you are able to offer free shipping, that is even better. If you are able to offer guaranteed Christmas shipping, that is the ultimate for procrastinators. A significant amount of stores are offering this service this year as a way to compete on the market. Taking advantage of late buying, and consumers avoiding the madness at malls and shops, retailers, like Inc., are offering unlimited two day delivery on purchases for a membership fee, according to Dana Mattioli, of the Wall Street Journal. Do you have the ability to offer last minute shipping? If it’s too late for you, look into this for next year.


Last minute deals. According to, 41% of online shopping consumers plan to shop between Dec. 21st, and the 24th, for various reasons (inability to finish shopping earlier, procrastination), but also a belief that better deals are available at this time. Many of these shoppers will turn to daily deal sites, offering discounts on items that consumers may not purchase regularly. This is also a great option for gift certificate ideas, allowing you to give a new experience to a loved one. The article goes on to say that 27% of shoppers indicate that they plan to shop for last-minute gifts on sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. This is a way to save money, as well as purchasing deals from local merchants. For your business, you can make similar offers, or offer your services as a special gift certificate option. As a business, are you listed on a deal site? These can help you to expose your business to a new audience, and gain the support of a powerful marketing engine. You might consider this for next season, as well.


Last minute calls to action. If you are operating a PPC campaign, and maintaining a healthy position in our listings, you have a good amount of visibility. This means that you have the ability to get your message out there, and now is the time to let your audience know about your offers. Update your Default Ad Titles and Descriptions with strong calls to action to provoke your audience to visit your site. Calls to action are statements and declarations that include language that create excitement and interest in a reader which may lead to a purchasing action. Make these messages enticing and irresistible so that those busy shoppers will more likely choose your site over others. One great article on this is on here. You should also continue this through your website, in order to coordinate your message fully. Get your message out in order to create opportunity.


It may be the last week, but you don’t have to give up your efforts. There is still time to reach potential customers. Be sure that you are using all of your tools. Be the saving grace for those last-minute shoppers frantically searching for gifts.

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