Uncovering the Mystery: Click Free (CF) Keywords

I wanted to clear up some misconceptions about one of our features. It appears that many of our advertisers are not entirely clear how our CF, or Click Free keywords, perform and how they are used. This is an important distinction because our goal is to help you get the most from your campaigns, and that you are getting the right information.


In one case, and advertiser who wanted to increase his traffic believed that by bidding on these, that he would get all of our traffic. Other advertisers have assumed that you can gain traffic for free by using these keywords. And still others have used these without using our recommended settings and been surprised by their results. These are misconceptions. Let me take some time to reinforce what our CF keywords are. I want to make sure that this concept is understood so our advertisers can benefit from their use.


Click Free keywords are special keywords that work a little differently than our regular keywords. CF keywords are connected to outdated and expired bookmarks. When a surfer visits a website through direct navigation (if they type in the URL, or click on their bookmarks), the domain name is analyzed based on the keywords in the URL. Searches for these sites are then redirected to the top bidder’s website. For example, if you would like traffic from football related sites, you would bid on “CF football.” Using these is to your advantage because you are also gaining traffic from a different route. You can use our searched keywords that are searched for through keyword spiders on a search engine. CF keywords allow you to take out the middle man and filter searches directly to your site.


Now let me explain some best practices with these keywords.


Place your CF keywords in our recommended setting. These keywords are connected to outdated material, so if they are not set in a particular way, you might receive a lot of untargeted, irrelevant traffic. We ask that you set your CF keywords to exact keyword match, which is our most targeted keyword match. This prevents those extraneous clicks from reaching your site. We also ask that you bid these at a minimum of $0.10 or in the first position throughout the campaign. The reason for this is to ensure that you are the top bidder through the length of your promotion. As stated above, those searches are directed to the top bidder on CF keywords. You would also be gaining the most possible searches at this position, and getting the most for your investment.


Use CF keywords in conjunction with our search keywords. We always recommend using a variety of strategies when maintaining your campaign. In order to cover all of your bases, choose relevant, high volume keywords that can help drive searched traffic to your site, as well as CF keywords. This can help you grow your campaign and gain traffic from two different sources.


Add Custom Titles and Descriptions to your CF keywords. Since these searches are redirected, it is helpful to the surfer to know what he is being redirected to. These are titles and descriptions that are on the keyword level that allow for unique advertising. Adding this feature can help to maintain the search you have received, so the surfer can further explore your site.


I hope this proves valuable to you. CF keywords have a history of searches behind them, and can be a nice addition to your effort. Please let us know what you think!

You can also refer to our YouTube tutorial!


Published Friday, July 15, 2011 2:26 PM by John M


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