Conversion Tracking: Know What Works!

In order to grow any business, it’s necessary to know which products, services or marketing methods are having the most significant impact on its bottom line. One of the benefits of having this knowledge is that it helps business owners to cut costs associated with unproductive spending. Website owners who utilize pay-per-click advertising to market their online business should also consider this practice an important part of making sure they receive the most from their investment.

As experts in the pay-per-click industry, understands the importance of determining which ad campaigns work best to increase the advertisers ROI. For this reason, we provide each of our advertisers the option to integrate our free conversion tracking code within their website. Shortly after installing the tracking code, advertisers are able to see which campaigns are ultimately leading to conversions/sales and subsequently duplicate those efforts to ensure the continued growth of their business.

Installing the tracking code is easy. Once the advertiser logs into their 7Search account, they would simply generate the code by clicking the Conversion tracking link shown at the top of their dashboard. Copy the code that appears and paste it into the desired page of their website i.e. completed sale/thank you page. makes it easy for you to find out what works. Install our free conversion tracking code today and find out which of your ad campaigns are hot and which are not.

Published Monday, April 19, 2010 6:44 PM by Latrice
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