Why Blogging Should Dominate Your Online Marketing Campaigns


The goal of any brand is to have as many consumers as possible use their products or services. This only comes with intensive marketing and enhanced customer awareness. The emergence of digital marketing platforms has made this easier and less strenuous. Online marketing through social media and SEO has enhanced product promotion for many people.

Blogging is yet another big shot in the internet marketing arena, one that not so many people appeared concerned about several years ago. However, business blogging has been on a steady rise in the past few years. More and more companies are getting to appreciate the need for effective communication through blog posts. Today, every company can put up a WordPress blog within a few minutes. To be honest, creating a WordPress blog has never been easier. Boosting your online marketing campaign through blogging comes with many benefits, including:

It Drives Traffic to Your Site

How can people find your website? One way is by simply typing the name of your site within the search box and Google will handle the rest. However, that is only possible for someone who already knows about your products and services. How do potential clients get to know about you? Blogging closes that gap. By updating your blog on a regular basis, there is continuous indexing of pages on your site, making it easier for your site to show on SERPs. Through engaging posts, new users will get to know about your brand and find reasons to associate with it. By sharing your blog posts on social media, you increase your chances of driving genuine traffic into your site.

It Converts Traffic into Leads

You don’t just want people to come and enjoy your great content, then leave as if nothing happened. Every brand aims at making their visitors into long-term loyal clients. Blogging helps you achieve exactly that. Every post comes with an opportunity to generate new leads. You just need to have a captivating call to action statement. For more effectiveness, such call to action messages can be accompanied by free e-books, webinars, and even free trials on services. If carried out appropriately, you will be able to make loyal clients out of your regular readers.

It Helps in Establishing Authority

In business, reputation is everything. Clients need to be sure of your competence before they can trust you with any transaction. They need to certain that you have the perfect solutions for their problems. Creating engaging and informative blogs comes handy in answering some of the questions potential customers might have. For a confused client, no one is more resourceful than someone who has cleared the air for him or her on some contentious issues. They will have reasons to want to do business with you and become part of your loyal client base.

For a company that is yet to start investing in intensive blogging, you are missing out on a lot. However, it is never too late. You can set the ball rolling and be part of the huge community of satisfied brands already reaping enormous benefits from business blogging.


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Charles Brown is a digital marketer with a great passion for blogging. For those who follow his posts, creating a WordPress blog has never been this easier. Follow Charlie on Twitter or read more of his work here.

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