Hottest 7Search Verticals – Q1 2017


The first quarter of 2017 is in the books and marketers everywhere are searching high and low for quality traffic options heading into the Spring months. 7Search’s Q1 launch of local advertising targeting is the latest example of how 7search can be a difference maker for more marketers.

Don’t get caught unaware! Check out the hottest 7Search verticals for the first quarter of 2017.

Top Category – Searches

1. Shopping: Apparel
2. Internet: (General)
3. Shopping: (General)
4. Adult (XXX): (General)
5. Internet: Marketing & Advertising
6. Entertainment: (General)
7. Gambling: Online Casinos

Top Category – Conversions

1. Internet: Marketing & Advertising
2. Travel: Air Travel
3. Shopping: Coupons
4. Home Business & Make Money: (General)
5. Gambling: Online Casinos
6. Finance: Banking
7. B2B: (General)

Most Affordable Category – Average CPC

1. Travel: Hotels & Lodging
2. Real Estate: (General)
3. Internet: Statistics & Demographics
4. B2B: Construction & Manufacturing
5. Internet: Chat
6. Society: Politics
7. Society: Government

Best Category – Average Conversion Cost

1. Finance: Banking
2. Shopping: Coupons
3. Finance: Credit Reports
4. Travel: Air Travel
5. Finance: Insurance
6. Internet: Marketing & Advertising
7. Computer: Printers & Ink

Top Category – Conversion Percentage

1. Finance: Banking
2. Professional Services: Consulting
3. Shopping: Coupons
4. Finance: Credit Reports
5. Finance: Insurance
6. Sports: (General)
7. Travel: Air Travel

Best Category – Opportunity

These categories offer the best mix of conversion data and low competition over the last 3 months.

1. Travel: Air Travel
2. Shopping: Coupons
3. Finance: Credit Reports
4. Finance: Insurance
5. Shopping: (General)
6. Shopping: Apparel
7. Computer: Software

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  1. Today I am going to go into a little more detail on how exactly that is done, give you some example offers you should run on 7Search, and I have even included a screencast going over my example campaign.

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