How Millennials & Baby Boomers Consume User Generated Content: Do Their Differences Matter?

Millenials. Add the Baby Boomers. Advertising Goals.

“A poor attempt at a Haiku?”, you ask?

Well, yes, yes it is.

More importantly for marketers, though, these two groups represent two of the most desirable marketing demographics to their a) disposable income and b) their willingness to accept/interact with current online marketing initiatives. The differences with how these groups consume media content are core to maximizing ad revenue for agencies large and small.

Where’s Generation X in all of this? Well…

Does it matter that Baby Boomers list Facebook as their preferred social media channel? Or that only a quarter of millennials trust brand created content? You bet your sweet Holiday bonus it does!

Check out the results from a recent study done by Olapic and shared by Adweek regarding the preferences of these two groups related to user generated content. Remember, when trying to capture your audience’s ad dollars, authentic matters.

Millennials vs Baby Boomers

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