New Local Targeting Options for US Campaigns

7Search Now Offering State Advertising Options for US Campaigns

After months of beta testing, we are proud to publicly introduce our updated campaign targeting options. All 7search advertisers now have the option to enable State level geo-targeting for their offers. This improved targeting will enable local advertisers to improve ROI and receive more relevant leads from their visitors.

What About City Targeting?

City targeting is also available upon request. Advertisers looking to receive targeted visitors for their local campaigns should contact our team at to request this additional layer of targeting.

What’s New?

Advertisers will only pay for visitors that originate in their desired geographic audience. We’ve updated our filters to deliver more visits from the prospects your want. Traffic starts as low as ten cents per click.

Getting started is incredibly easy. Simply select the United States in the Target Your Customers by Geographic Location section:

7Search Country Target

This will cause a second section to appear that populates a list of U.S. States for targeting your offer:

7Search State Targeting

City Level Targeting (optional) – if City targeting is enabled in your account, you may also choose up to 15 cities to target in your State of choice:

7Search City Targeting

What About National Targeting?

National targeting remains the default geographic option for 7Search campaigns, and users are not obligated to select a state to create a campaign. However, for users needing to narrow down their audience, our local targeting features are available by default (State) and request (City) to help deliver quality low-cost leads desired by so many. Questions? Please feel free to contact us in the comments section below or via email at Let us know what you think!

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