Where Do My Ads Appear on 7Search?

“Where do my ads appear on 7Search?” is a question raised quite often by customers new to the 7Search Advertising Network who are determining whether to get started. It’s a fair question that I look to expand upon below.

So Where Do My Ads Show?

To have an idea of where your ads may appear, you’ll need a basic understanding as to how 7Search works. The 7Search Network consists more than 650 different partners delivering traffic for our advertisers. Partnerships include private site owners, directories, RTB Exchanges, direct navigation feeds, and smaller ad networks, all with active audiences, who are looking to monetize more of their inventory via our XML feed and other methods. We currently receive upwards of 3 billion monthly search requests, making the 7Search Network a sizable opportunity for those looking for a compliment to their search marketing efforts.

In other words, we have a lot of partners that serve your ads in various different ways. It is possible your ads may appear in Search Results, via in page banners, on mobile devices, in apps…the are possibilities are numerous.

Well, Where Should I start Looking Then?

The first place to visit to find your offer is the 7Search SERP. Visit 7search.com/go/ and perform a search for one of your keywords to view your ad, as well as those of some of your competitors. This is an excellent way to see your offer “in the wild” and gives some feedback on where your ad ranks in comparison to others on a given search term.

What Other Options Do I Have?

Our support team can provide you with a partial list of approved partners. However, due to the proprietary nature of these relationships, only a small percentage of these partners allow for full disclosure.

7Search Partners are required to pass back a referrer, so another method to determine where your ads are appearing is to refer back to your own analytics. It is important to note, however, that 3rd party analytics may not report 100% of the traffic received. It is advisable to compliment your own analytics by requesting a detailed Clicks Report if significant discrepancies are encountered.

Finally, consider requesting a Referrer IDs Report. Similar to the Detailed Clicks Report, this document will provide you with information on the date/time, keyword, searched phrase, affiliate & referrer IDs, country, conversions, and yes, the referrer, of each charged click in your 7Search campaign. The data contained in this report is also incredibly useful when optimizing your traffic using our optional SubID Partner Management System.

Any Other Tips?

• It is not possible for us to direct you to where you offer is live exactly at the moment you ask. There are many factors that can impact whether your offer is shown on a given partner site, including the number of ad spaces they have to fill, the number of advertisers they have, and whether your bid is high enough for a given partner to show your ad.

• It is possible that some partners may pass back standard referrer (Partner X passes back partnerx.com as a referrer) info instead of the actual referring site. In these cases, we encourage our users to make use of the SubID URL macro to determine which sub source is delivering the clicks received. These are the same IDs our traffic quality team uses to identify traffic sources, and users do have the ability to block by sub-source for poor performers.

• 7Search advertisers can target strong performing sources with incremental bid targets( increases range 10% to 500%) so that they can better positioning on sources that work.

• If there is a specific domain that you wish to blacklist, please email our customer support team and we will quickly assist.

Advertising with 7Search allows advertisers access to a robust network full of diverse sources. If you have any questions about how to optimize this traffic to suit your needs, please do feel free to reach out to our team with your concerns and a team member will respond within 24 hours. We’ll always do our best to assist you.

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