Holiday Advertising: Get Ready 4 Cyber Monday

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The month of November is the favorite time of year for online marketers. In the United States, the holiday season provides  the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, but more importantly, it has buyers in the mood to spend money! Extra money is especially handy at this time of the year :) In exactly twenty-four days Thanksgiving will be here! PPC’ers are elated because of what comes after this holiday : Black Friday, and one of the top revenue-generating events, (and focus of this article) Cyber Monday.

Show Me the Money

Cyber Monday drives huge online sales, with shoppers loving the deals to the tune of $3 BILLION in sales:

Now that’s a lot of cash! Keep in mind this number is strictly for online sales in the United States.   If you haven’t already, start your Cyber Monday campaigns now! PPC marketers can’t afford to miss out on this massive revenue generating opportunity.

Cyber Niches

Consider running advertisements in these popular categories:

  • Shopping: General is a popular category among advertisers on 7Search
  • Travel: Air Travel, Shopping: General are among the top converting categories on 7Search
  • Shopping: Auctions, Travel: Hotel & Lodging are the most affordable categories on 7Search
  • Travel: Air Travel is one of the average converting categories on 7Search
  • Travel: Air Travel is also among the top conversion percentile on 7Search
  • Website/Product promoting Gift Card have the potential to do well

For additional ideas, check outHot 7Search Verticals for Q4“.

Cyber Strategies

The categories above have a tendency to perform well for Cyber Monday. Why? The Travel niche does well because most people tend to be looking for last minute deals to spend Christmas and/or New Years with their family and friends. The Shopping niche has the ability to perform well especially during this time of year as shoppers look for deep discounts on high-end items.  Web sites promoting gift cards perform particularly well because the industry itself is incredibly popular, with Digital Gift Card sales expected to reach $15 billion by 2017.

Cyber Options

If you elect to advertise in mentioned verticals you’ll be happy to know that 7Search has some incredible keyword deals available.  The keyword Gift Card currently has a top bid of $0.08 on 7Search. Flight Bookings starts at just $0.05, and the keyword Hotel Price has a top bid of $0.07. In the Shopping vertical, the keyword Shopping Deal has a top bid of $0.05. To get more bang out of your advertising, consider testing Search and Display advertising campaigns.

Will 2016’s Cyber Monday exceed the $3.07 Billion dollars generated last year?  If the growth of this shopping event since its inception is any indicator,I definitely believe that 2016 will do very well. As always, remember to keep your ROI in mind so that you can see a profit. Research your offers, perfect your ad copy, select relevant keywords, and kick off your Cyber Monday Advertising at the beginning of the month.

Take care, my fellow advertisers. It’s been a joy to share my ideas with you this month. As always, I look forward to working with you to craft successful campaigns on the 7Search Network!

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  1. You ll eventually want to examine the results of your campaigns after the fact so you can see what worked and what didn t. Use this information to strategize for the upcoming holidays and develop better promotions for Cyber Monday next year.

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