Holiday Advertising: Maximizing Halloween


Greetings fellow PPC’ers! Today’s blog post focuses on marketing offers around the Halloween holiday.  Far too frequently in 7Search-land there seems to be an increase of advertising the week before Halloween. Ummmm…keep in mind that consumers are researching,preparing and making purchases well before then. Unfortunately, if you’re late in the advertising game you lose out on capturing the consumer’s dollar. It’s Time to Start Advertising for Halloween right now! Remember that there are only 4 wicked Weeks left until Halloween!

Early Bird Gets the (gummi)Worm

Jump starting your holiday advertising allows for more time to experiment with different offers.  It also gives additional time to test, optimize, compare the performance, and test some more!  Getting in on trending Halloween related keywords like Halloween Decoration ($0.04 top bid), Halloween Costume ($0.07 top bid), Halloween Recipe ($0.04 top bid), Halloween Music ($0.04 top bid) and hundreds of additional holiday-related keywords before they spike for the last minute shoppers. Now that’s a treat your bottom line can appreciate.

Tricks: They aren’t all bad :)

Holiday advertising requires an aggressive approach. To get your campaigns off on the right foot, remember to:

  • Formulate a clear cut approach for your campaigns.
  • Select multiple offers to advertise simultaneously.
  • Define what your CPA will be per offer.
  • Set a realistic budget (and stick to it).

Halloween Treats

For Halloween, you may want to focus on offers for the following products:

  • Costumes for adults and children
  • Candy and Decoration
  • Gift Cards
  • Halloween themed party accessories

Check out our Keyword Suggestion tool today to unearth some gems today at

Remember there are numerous factors involved in deciding which offers to run for Halloween. Check out our recent post. Selecting the Right Offer To Advertise , for  ideas on how to proceed.  If I can make one recommendation, it is that you should make sure that the payout on your offer is worth the time (and budget) investment. Combine all of this data above and you’ll be ready to launch your Halloween campaigns. It’s my pleasure to share this knowledge; I look forward to seeing you aboard 7Search’s Advertising Network.


About the Author:

Carolynn Lett has been an Account Manager with 7Search since 2008.  Passionate about learning, she channels her energy into staying on top of marketing news and trends.  Her top priority is ensuring her clients have the best experience possible with .

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  1. To maximize their seasonal campaigns’ effectiveness, marketers must communicate promotions onsite throughout the customer journey, as well as utilize email remarketing, social sharing and display advertising.

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