7Search Launching New Direct Navigation Ad Unit

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Coming this week, 7Search will be launching a new Direct Navigation ad unit, providing our users with another low-cost source of quality traffic for their offers. This traffic was previously available in a limited capacity by utilizing our Click-Free™ Keywords in our regular search campaigns. The new ad unit has been streamlined to deliver a premium experience to our new network of partners. Starting at $0.01 per visit, the value & opportunity for success is immense.

What is Direct Navigation Traffic?

Direct Navigation Traffic is delivered via a unique network of domains not available to our search advertisers. Visitors will arrive at your landing page by entering special Click-Free™ keywords into a web browser, instead of using a search engine, directory or additional referral source. This is commonly referred to as type-in traffic.

How Does it Work?

A visitor will be redirected to your offer when they type in a mapped “cf Keyword” (which may include domain names) to any web browser. The owners of these highly trafficked domains will have already mapped them with these terms; a match will result in people attempting to visit these URLs being delivered to your landing page instead.

Any Tips?

* Be sure to add our available conversion pixel to your site so to track performance from within your campaign.

* Remember that this traffic is not exclusive to 7Search Advertisers; our partners often have multiple advertisers feeds competing for this traffic. Be sure to test higher bids to maximize your potential exposure for this traffic.

* Consider testing this traffic concurrently with a desktop or mobile search campaign to capitalize on the full 7Search Network.

* Ad Scheduling and SubID Blocking Tools are available for this traffic. Contact clientsupport@7search.com to gain access to these features.

The Direct Navigation Ad Unit was designed to provide the 7Search Advertiser looking for more traffic with a quality option to benefit from our network. Setup is quick and will be intuitive to anyone who has created a 7Search campaign in the past. Click on the new Create Campaign button on your Dashboard to get started today! Do feel free to leave comments on your thoughts on the new ad unit below; we welcome your feedback.

Login and create a new Direct Navigation campaign today!

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