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Greetings 7Searchers! Today’s blog post focuses on selecting the right keywords for your 7Search campaigns. It is quite common for marketers to incorporate keywords from tools that focus on other platforms. This practice, while “ok”, can be frustrating when trying to craft a successful campaign. It is important to understand that they may not produce the same results. Always use the tools provided by the specific advertising company. Believe it or not, the tools that you will find on an advertising platform are unique to that system, they were designed to generate what works for their network. 7Search has its own Keyword Suggestion Tool.

When determining what keywords to use in a campaign it’s always best to put yourself in the mindset of a consumer, not the seller. A consumer’s mindset is completely different than a seller. Consumers think with their dollars, the value of the product being sold to them and lastly how the product will benefit them.

There’s a saying, “To catch a fish you must use the right bait.” which is a perfect way to approach your keyword strategy . Let’s say that your niche is Home Business; you should consider the following three phrases when researching keywords: Home Business, Work at Home, and Make Money. These phrases coincide with the product/offer.

Here are some examples of keywords that shouldn’t be used: Make Money, Earn Money, Extra Money and Making Money etc. unless you are using these words to search for keywords. Why? These keywords are relevant but vague which will produce clicks but not necessarily results. You may also experience website abandonment as a result of using these types of keywords. Anyone can and will search for these particular terms as they are popular. Instead use keywords that are targeted and follow the thought patterns of a consumer.

Using Home Business as the search term you should use the following keywords: Work from Home Business, Home Business Opportunity, Work at Home Business Opportunity. Consumers that search for these particular terms may be interested in finding a work at home opportunity.

Quality versus quantity will win every time! It’s not necessary to use every keyword under the sun. It can also exhaust your advertising budget. Using only relevant keywords can positively impact your ROI as well. It can positively affect your ROI because you’re not wasting dollars on keywords that don’t apply to your product/offer, content of your website, or the ability of your offer.

You can also use the content of your website to search for keywords as well. It’s extremely helpful to review your own website and use phrases from the website to find keywords. Let’s pretend your website has email marketing on it then you could use the following keywords: Targeted Email Marketing, Email Marketing Solution, and Email Marketing Tool. Now using internet marketing as the search term you could also use the following keywords: Internet Marketing Strategy, Internet Marketing Solution, and Internet Marketing Tip. Think outside of the box when selecting keywords but remain relevant!

You can also use keywords that go along with the abilities of your product/offer. Home businesses can potentially generate revenue this is why the phrase Make Money works well as a search term. You could use the following keywords: Way to Make Money Online, How to Make Money Online and Make Money on the Internet. Targeted Keywords tend to work well for offers opposed to vague irrelevant keywords.

Remember your goal is to catch the consumer and capture their dollar, time, or email address. Keywords can be considered as bait. Be open to changes, be willing to test, experiment with different options. Fellow PPC Advertisers the road to success can be a hard long journey but with the proper knowledge and diligence, you could experience results that payout and make it worthwhile. It has been a pleasure sharing my experience with you. Keep an eye out for the final installment on this educational series.

If you are new to 7Search, feel free to check out my previous articles discussing Selecting the Right Offer and Writing Successful Ads to help complete your intro to our platform. I look forward to seeing you come aboard 7Search’s Advertising Network.

About the Author:

Carolynn Lett has been an Account Manager with 7Search since 2008. Passionate about learning, she channels her energy into staying on top of marketing news and trends. Her top priority is ensuring her clients have the best experience possible with .

One thought on “Choosing Keywords for Your 7Search Campaign

  1. Hey.
    Thanks for the share.
    Relevancy in the keywords is as you say a high factor when it comes to the ROI in the end.
    Having used some PPC what I discovered was that the more keywords I started with (relevant that is, and with Bing ads) the more data was given as in what gets clicked more. After having disected the results I was left with a smaller list that was highly relevant. From then on I could focus my time on the KW’s that generated a low bid but got high clicks. Sometimes sales come from a small number of keywords that got clicks so I choose to keep all KW’s that get clicks and seperate them into groups divided by cost and then I drive traffic to each group to see what KW’s actually brings the MOST sales. Thanks again for a look inside with your end 7search )

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