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Today, small business enterprises are aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its benefits. However, not so many business owners know the tricks of SEO. Therefore, it is imperative that they get an SEO expert consultant who will value their business enough to let it grow using the right SEO tips. This article will give tips on how to grow your business using SEO.

Essentially, SEO is an inbound marketing technique that makes use of smart links, keywords, and smart content management in order to improve your website and increase its ranking on search engines. Naturally, this improvement ensures that your business is more visible online and therefore has better business results. Therefore, SEO helps current and prospective clients find your site first when looking for products and services you deal with. Here are the tips that you need in order to optimize your site in order to grow your business.

Enlist Google Keyword Tool to Improve Content Strategy

It is important to have all pages in your website search engine optimized using the right keywords. Ensure the proper hierarchy in use for keywords, as well as title tags. Additionally, your site should be able to load quickly in order to enhance improved visits by clients. When your site loads slowly, you may lose customers who today require seamless loading for any site visited in order to save time.

The content strategy that your SEO expert should enlist is Google keyword tool. Ensure you create a Google account if you do not have one. The search terms used should be relevant to your business. In addition, related keywords should be used in order for clients to find your site regardless of the keyword or search term that they use. Consider any related search words as your content strategist can never be sure of related terms.

For instance, in case you have an electronics shop in Austin, you can use this as a primary keyword. Other related keywords can be ‘electronic shop in Austin TX’, ‘electronic shop’, and ‘best electronics in Austin’, or ‘Austin Electronics shop’

Your content strategy SEO specialist should use keywords that have low competition and high search volumes. Using low competition, as well as medium-competition keywords, you can now work on content for your website or blog. Use articles like tips on the best electronics offers, how to choose the best topic and how-to videos on setting up equipment that you sell.

Market website by sharing content on social media

Having a top San Francisco SEO expert by your side means they have knowledge on Social Media sites as well as marketing your website using these. When you have content that is engaging on your site, you need to get the content to your clients by sharing it on social media. Create a group and get followers who are passionate about your brand. This is referred to as social SEO.

Use sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest to create a profile that sells your brand on social media. In addition, integrate these social media sites on your website so that sharing on one social media site ensures they appear on all the rest.

Share varied content on social media in order to retain the interest your audience has for your brand. You can add keywords to your posts on social media. However, ensure you keep it natural. It is clear that more followers, likes, and shares on social media help improve your ranking on search engines.

Register Your Business on Google Maps

In case you have a physical address, ensure you are registered on Google maps as this will help clients get the address when coming to your store or office. In case you are registered on this feature, your website will appear higher on the results page in order to improve your ranking whenever customers search for services related to yours in your area.

Practice Relationship Building as Opposed to Link Building

Link building is essential as part of an SEO strategy. Nonetheless, it is difficult for a small business to compete with big businesses that have paid SEO consults. In addition, with updates on the search algorithm, Google keeps checks on link building and can punish sites that have bad link building strategies. If you have good content, you will have better exposure from Google.

Therefore, there is a strategy that is more effective than link building; relationship building. When you reach out directly to social media followers and bloggers, you are assured that your content will be shared. You do not just say ‘thank you for following’; share content from influential people in your industry.

Compliment bloggers on the good work they have done by sending personalized emails. You may even suggest that you work together on a project. Comment as a guest on posts from other blogs in order to create some posting opportunities for your site. Build strong relationships with people in your industry. This will give you information on what is new to your industry and how to improve your service.

Use Google analytics to measure results

In order to find out how much traffic is coming to your website, use tools such as Google analytics. This ensures that you measure the success of your efforts. You cannot improve your site if you do not know how it performs against other sites or if it has reached the targeted amount of visits you initially expected. You will get to see what content your clients actually like based on guest comments and what section or web page they visited.

This helps you improve on those features on your website that have little to no results. When you improve content, you gain more traffic. Give visitors interesting articles that get their attention. This way, you are selling without actually selling. When telling your visitors of what they expect in terms of the latest technologies at your store in the coming year, you gain their attention and you are assured that they will visit your site a year from now to confirm if they can get a certain gadget that is the latest.

SEO may be confusing. However, with the right SEO consults and specialists, you can easily improve your business through great online visibility of your brand and the products and services you offer.

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Derek Iwasiuk runs a national digital search engine optimization firm headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. Also spends a lot of his free time educating the minds of thousands of young SEOs and top San Francisco SEO agencies. You can follow him on Twitter as @Diwasiuk

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