In Plain Sight: 10 “Hidden” Features in Your 7Search Account

At 7Search, we pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our incoming advertisers.  To that end, your account is packed with tools and features that can make a good campaign great.  These features are often “hidden” in plain sight; heck, you may have even intended to contact support to learn more about a few of them.

No worries.  Today we deliver the goods by unearthing ten of the top “hidden” features in your 7Search account.  Check them out and let us know if you have any additional questions about other features in the comments below.

10. Is it Secret? Is it Safe?

Wondering when your account was last accessed? Check the Last Account Activity details, located at the bottom of every page in your account to verify. Something look awry? Well then…

9. Let’s Talk, Why Not?

Have suggestions for a new feature or feedback on account changes? Send us a message via the Feedback & Comments link located on your Dashboard tab. Our team in available Monday-Friday during office hours (9am to 5pm CT) and are always ready to lend a hand.

8. Upload Your Keywords via Spreadsheet 

Are you a hands-on type of marketer who needs to assign custom ads, bids, destination URLs, etc. to every keyword in your campaign? 7Search has an incredibly easy spreadsheet upload solution just for you. Check out the Do’s and Dont’s below to maximize your results.

DO: Get yourself a copy of the 7Search Upload spreadsheet from within your campaign. How? Click on the Add Keywords link and download a copy from the Quick Ways to Add Keywords box (see #3).

DON’T: Format your own Excel/CSV spreadsheet and attempt to upload. It will not work.

DO: Save your updated spreadsheet and close the CSV. The spreadsheet will not open if the sheet is open on your computer.

Do: Be Aware of Your Keyword Limit (1000 by default). If you need more space, reach out to client support to request.

7. Copy a Campaign in a Few Easy Steps

Want to create a 2nd version of an existing campaign? Follow these easy steps to make it happen:

* From the Campaigns tab, click the Create Campaign link.
* Select the campaign you want to duplicate from the drop menu in the Save Time! box.
* Click the Copy button.
* Modify the Ad details as desired. Rename and save.

What about the Keywords & bids?

Access the parent campaign (the one you copied) from the Campaigns tab. Download the Campaign CSV (click icon below Manage Keywords for… heading). Select your campaign and download to your computer. A zip file will be available with separate sheets for Ad Copy, Keywords (and bids) and Negative keywords. Drag the Keyword spreadsheet to your desktop (or save to your preferred folder).

Next, access your new campaign via the Campaigns tab. Click on the Add Keywords link, then click on the Upload and Excel or CSV File link and upload as described in #8.

6. Bulk Edits? We have a few…

Looking to make mass changes to your existing campaigns? Use the Bulk Edit feature on the Campaigns tab to change campaign Geographic Targets, Active status, or traffic types being targeted (Mobile or Desktop) to all of your campaigns.  Now, about this cat…

5. Don’t Ignore the Noise

Noise words, that is. 7Search de-emphasizes noise words during searches (they appear grayed-out in your keyword list), so it is important to consider these when bidding on keyword combinations, as this can dramatically impact where your ad appears.

Some examples of noise words include: the, and, a, to, of, in, I, is, that, it, on, you, this, for, but, with, are, have, be, at, or, as, was, so, if, out, not.

4. Who is my Competition, Anyway?

We recently reintroduced Transparent Bidding to our platform.  This change allows users to actually view their competitor’s ads and bids for a given keyword, and use this data to effectively position their ads for exposure.  This information is provided from within the Competition column available on the Manage Keywords page of every campaign.  Click on the magnifying glass icon to start benefiting from this data today.

3.  What Else Ya Got???  Category Advertising [BOOM!]

“How can I get more traffic?” is arguably the #1 question we get from marketers looking to drive more leads using 7Search traffic. One under-utilized option to quickly jump start your campaigns would be to opt into Category Advertising. Customer using Category Ads opt in to buy top 5 guaranteed spots fed out via our Accessory Ads Partner Program. Check this out today by clicking on the link located in the Category Ads column on your Campaigns tab.

2. You’ll Love Our Stories

Are you getting our monthly newsletter? If not, you are missing out on news, articles, and bonus offers related to all things 7Search. To see if you are opted in, click on the Preferences link found on the My Account tab.

1.  Wait, There’s More? Display Advertising

There is more to 7Search than PPC Text advertising. Check out our display advertising platform, accessible via the Display Ads tab, to gain access to additional ad units. Marketers can advertise Image or Script Banners, full page Pop-under, and Interstitial ads to our growing partner network. Get started today.

There you have it! 10 “hidden” features available within your 7Search account that can help you thrive. Think we missed some? Share them, and any leave any additional thoughts, in the comments section below!

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