Successful Marketing Campaign “Must-Haves” for SMBs

When it comes to online marketing, the main goals are to increase awareness, traffic to your website, and subsequently, increase sales. The problem with even the best marketing strategies is that you may not easily achieve the desired results. All in all, you don’t have to be a huge business to devise and benefit from online marketing. This post looks at some of the main strategies you should consider in order to improve the success rate of your campaigns.

1. Promote Via All Mediums

The mistake most people make when it comes to Internet marketing is focusing on a single, or just a few, platforms for their campaigns. For example, to avoid confusion, most people use Facebook and ignore all other platforms. What this does is only limit your potential. Your customers have preferences in relation to the platforms they prefer. You have to reach out to them in their preferred channel.

Simply put, in order to increase your success, you have to integrate your campaigns more. Promoting your campaigns across as many mediums as you can is the key to increasing your success. You should make use of as many social media platforms as you can. You must also make use of texting campaigns, blogging, as well as paid ads whenever you can.

Combining online strategies with offline strategies will further increase your potential. If you have a store, don’t forget to include in-store signage. It is also wise to inform customers about your strategies. For example, if you are engaged in SMS campaigns, make that known to your customers and give them instructions on how they can sign up.

2. Offer Consumers Exclusive Benefits

The fear that most people have when it comes to signing up to any subscription service is that of being spammed or their information being used for uncouth purposes. It is up to you to give them a good reason to sign up. You have to offer something unique to motivate them to take the leap.

Most marketers who offer special deals for subscription often see more and better results. You should consider using this method in your endeavors. You don’t have to raffle away a brand new car if you are a small business. You can offer exclusive benefits like coupons, and unique but affordable incentives.

Exclusive benefits promote subscriptions. Additionally, you should make sure that you never abuse the information you get. Never fill your customers emails with spam or senseless promotional materials. If you do so, your reputation will be tarnished and fewer people will sign up with you.

3. Create Targeted Campaigns

You cannot target everyone and expect to get positive results in your campaigns. To excel in any marketing campaign, you have to start by identifying an audience then tailor your campaign to them. Your audiences need to feel that you are talking to them directly in your campaign. If you don’t speak to their needs, you will lose them.

4. Always Respond Promptly

Taking too long to respond to your customer’s queries will definitely affect the efficacy of your campaigns. The fact that you are taking too long to respond to your customer’s comments sends the message that your customer service is not good. Whether you are advertising through a blog, your website or through social media, you have to ensure that you respond to your audience’s comments fast.

In the same vain, you have to send your promotional messages at the right time. For example, if you are promoting an event that will take place on Friday; do not send a text on Monday. People will forget about it before the event. It is better to send the message on Monday then reminders on the remaining days. You will also need to send the message on the morning of the day of the event.

5. Modernize Your Website

The Internet is a very dynamic platform; it keeps changing. If you are using a style layout that you adopted back in 2013, you are definitely lagging behind. It is time to update your site to a modern layout. It makes no sense adding great content to a layout that is unattractive and unorganized.

The most important thing you have to do when considering Internet marketing is update your content. If visitors keep finding the same old content every time they land on your website, they will choose to ignore you in the future. To keep customers coming back, you have to keep your content fresh.

Your website has to look like it was made in 2016 and not in the late ‘90s. Once you achieve this, you can start adding content and blasting it through social media.

6. Use Social Media to Support Your Site, Not Replace it

On the realization that most of their customers are on social media, most entrepreneurs turn to social media when promoting their products and services. At times, some people go overboard to the extent of ignoring their website and focusing more on their social media page. This is not a good thing to do. You should use social media to support your website and not to replace it.

When you add new content to your website, promote the content through social media. You can also record some reviews from your customers on the website and feature them on your social media page. This will give your content credibility.

Your website is as important as your Facebook comments and Tweets. Do not turn it into a ‘landline phone’ in that it is there but you never use it.

Analyze Your Data

People love numbers and they use them to influence their decisions. Whether you are selling food or software, it is imperative that you present statistics to help wow your audience. Posts that are research-backed have more impact.

The above points will help you improve your campaign strategies. Don’t be left behind simply because you are not changing with the times or because you don’t keep up with the trends. The more you know about effective marketing, the better the results you will get from your campaigns.

About the Author: Girish Jashnani is an expert in Application Lifecycle Management at With more than 15 years of experience at Oracle and Salesforce in security, compliance, manageability and supportability of business applications, Girish’s initiatives have helped customers reduced their cost of ownership by over 22%. Connect with Girish on LinkedIn or Twitter if you’d like to learn more.

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