7Search Top Keyword Values For April


When it comes to keyword research it’s all about finding value. Which keywords are high in search volume but are undiscovered by your competition so they have a low CPC?

Here are some incredible value keywords and niches to target this April.

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Casino is the keyword to target here. While most “Casino” and “Gaming” type keywords are in the $3.00+ range. “Casino” is a steal at only $0.30.

Real Estate

Moving websites should be all over this. Most “moving” keywords can be had for $0.01 per click!


The highest volume keyword is Scholarship with a monthly volume of 507,215 searches. First position can be had for only $0.06 within the 7Search results.


With the new iPhone SE out, “iPhone” keywords should produce a ton of search volume. Most “iPhone” keywords can be had for $0.05 or less!


All “airline” type keywords currently have little to no competition. Hop on all of these keywords at $0.05 or less and reap the rewards.


Same with “dating”. Many dating keywords are a bargain at $0.05 or less.

Want to see more? Use the 7Search Keyword suggestion tool to find additional high value keywords to target.