7Search News: Transparent Bidding is Back!

7Search customers logging into their advertising accounts will have a pleasant surprise awaiting for them: Transparent Bidding is back! Gone since 2012, the popular feature that allowed users to view what their competitors were bidding has been revamped and now features more of the features needed to help deliver the performance our marketers crave.

Quickly see what your competitor’s ads + bids on 7Search. Thinking about offering your product in a new geo? Filter by Country to see the current bids and competition. Get traffic specific (Desktop or Mobile) for your campaign to ensure you are bidding the correct amount every time. Use the integrated Search bar to view additional competition on words not in your account, and add them with a single click!

Want to learn more? Click on the magnifying glass in the new Competition column to access the transparent bid feature within your campaign:

The Competition window will open and you will be presented with all of the competitor’s ads and bids, allowing you to quickly know how much you need to bid for top position in the 7Search results:

7Search bidding

New! Filter your ads by country to ensure your bids are competitive for your target regions:

7search bidding

New! Update your keyword bids right from this screen:

7search bidding

New! Search for related keywords and add them to your campaign right from this window:

7search bidding

We want your Feedback!

Please feel free to send us your feedback on these changes via email at clientsupport@7search.com.

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