Ten Things with 7Search Display Ads

7Search Display Advertising

Thinking about getting started with the 7Search Display Advertising Platform?  The platform offers our current users access to text, image, and script banners, as well as full page Pop Under and Interstitial advertising not current available within our search platform at affordable 7Search rates.  We spent some time reviewing feedback from our users and have compiled the following Q&A session to help you get started.  Could we have posted this in our FAQs?  Sure, but would you have seen this if we did? :)

#1. Is it hard to set up an account?

Setting up a is incredibly easy and only requires a few steps:

  • Click on the Display Ads Tab in your account
  • Click the Learn More button
  • Choose “Start Advertising”
  • Follow prompts to create campaign. Your campaign will automatically be synced with your Search account to allow access to both from the same login

#2. What types of ads are supported?

Marketers can run the following types of desktop and mobile creative:

  • Text Banner
  • Image Banner + URL
  • HTML/Script Banners
  • Full Page Pop Under (URL)
  • Full Page Pop Under (script)
  • Full Page Interstitial (URL)
  • Full Page Interstitial (script)

#3 What about Video ads?

Popular video tags (VAST & VPAID) are not currently supported.

#4. How much does it cost to get started?

Accounts can be funded for as little as 50 USD.  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal are currently accepted.

#5.  Is the Display account funded separately from the Search account?

Yes.  Advertisers can fund right from within the Display account; the two accounts do not share funds.  In the even that you wish to transfer funds between accounts, simply email your Account Manager with the request.

#6.  Wait, you get an Account Manager?

Correct.  Every 7Search Display account has an Account Manager automatically assigned.  This representative will be able to provide assistance in helping get campaigns up and running properly and can be reached by phone or email.

#7.  When I look at different campaigns I see that each one has a fund amount. Is each display campaign funded separately?

Yes, they are.  In a departure from our search platform, advertisers can fund into a main balance and assign funds to individual campaigns.

#8. Does 7Search suggest bids, similar to the Top Bid (PPC), for Display?

We do not provide a suggested starting bid for campaigns, as there are many variables that impact how often your ad is shown.  Instead, we encourage marketers to approach setting bids with the mindset of “I am willing to pay ‘x’ per click/thousand impressions/view” and then adjust as needed to achieve the right mix of exposure versus performance.

#9. Are display advertisers required to bid on channels AND keywords? What is the difference between the two?

Unlike our Search platform, where users bid primarily on keywords, our display clients can bid on keywords & channels (-aka- Categories).  While they do not have to bid on either option, it is in an advertisers best interests to, at the minimum, bid on the most relevant channels in order to become eligible for placement across the network.  Keywords can also be added and bid on, but it is important to remember that the there are no search results being considered for them.  Keywords here are used as descriptors and for increasing relevance with landing pages showing the banner(s).

#10 How long does it take for a campaign to be approved?

Campaigns are normally approved within 24 hours of having been submitted.  Please note that the team is out of office weekends, so any submissions made after 5pm CT will not be reviewed until the following Monday.

Interested in getting started?  Sign up for your own display account following the steps outlined in #1 or click the button below:

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