Is Click-to-Call the Answer for Your Business? | Infographic

Mobile is everything; everything is mobile.

Similarity to fortune cookie wisdom aside, the statement above provides a crisp analysis of the online marketing space. Be it tablet, cell phone, wearables, or other “smart” devices, marketing and target audiences have increasingly moved out from behind their desktops and can be found everywhere. Is your marketing set up to capitalize on this audience?

One effective method for attracting the mobile visitor is to utilize a Click-to-Call model. Click-to-Call models charge a fee (similar to a CPC in desktop search) for calls made to your specific offer phone number. In many cases, the numbers are generated by your platform and routed to your call centers once noted. The phone numbers are prominent in display and their use is intuitive to consumers.

Want to learn more about Click-to-Call? Check our the infographic below created by our friends at Kissmetrics Blog .

Source: Infographic: Click to Call Commerce

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