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As an Account Specialist on the 7Search team, my primary objective is to assist our customers in making smart choices for their campaigns.  Success in search engine marketing is often contingent on knowing your intended audience and selecting the right offer to drive them to complete an action.  While it may sound simple, too often marketers overlook this critical point and end up blowing through budget unnecessarily.  Today, let’s talk a bit about selecting the right offer for your 7Search campaign.

Affiliate Marketers have access to a huge inventory of offers; how do you decide what to promote? Selecting an offer can be frustrating, as there really are no guarantees regarding what will or won’t work on a network. Keeping up with trends and seasonal items will definitely help you select what to promote and when to promote it. You will want to take the time to do some research on what is popular to help you choose.

Consider Popularity

Trends are a great for selecting short term offers that can drive leads.  The Super Bowl is a prime example of a trend event that pops up early in the year and lends itself to running campaigns targeted to Ticket Buying, Travel, Hotel booking, and Sports book type offers. Once it’s over, it’s over. Trend offers can be great to promote because you already know that there is a demand for the product; the challenge is meeting the demand before the product gets to its maturity phase.

Seasonality should also be considered when choosing an offer.  For example, right now may be the perfect time to consider promoting a weight loss offer in the U.S. Why? Well, a large percentage of the population is concerned with losing the pounds that they put on during the holidays. It is also a very popular New Year resolution. See a need, fill a need. Seasonal offers are great as you already know that there is demand for the product. The challenge is meeting the demand before the season ends.

Consider Appearance

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Pay special attention to the appearance of the offer page you are considering running. You could drive a million visitors to a website, but if the site can’t keep the visitors because of poor appearance then there is no point. The goal of your marketing should always be to have a user complete a desired action.  If a website can’t retain a visitor then you aren’t going to get any of this data.

I have seen offers with great ad copy and keywords lose potential clients due to a websites poor appearance. If you are promoting an outdated product or a website that has a bad appearance you will not convert.  I have been in this industry for almost eight years and I can’t stress enough the importance of this.

To avoid selecting an offer that provides a poor user experience, consider the following questions:

  • Would you put your own personal email address in the website?
  • Would you enter your own credit card information into the website?
  • Would you stay on a website to watch this entire presentation?
  • Would you buy this product?

Consider the Payout

This is an important element that newcomers to affiliate marketing often neglect to consider.  Don’t get me wrong, they know how much the offers payout.  What is usually not considered is exactly how much wiggle room (time to accrue clicks and optimize) they will have to make a sale.   In many cases, novice marketers end up selecting offers with low payouts that are over-represented in the 7Search SERP, which in turn leads to attempting to buy as much cheap traffic as they can to try and make a sale.  This rarely works, and for marketers on a tight budget, can hamper their marketing.

It is a good idea to choose an offer that provides you the opportunity to:

  1. Test targeted keywords to capture a solid lead/sale.
  2. Accrue enough data to optimize match types, test bids, and optimize your source mix to help improve and grow your campaign long term.
  3. Target a niche that is not overpopulated on the network you are advertising on. The less competition, the better.

The online advertising industry is constantly changing, and offering a product your audience desires will be the key to your longevity.  If you are serious PPC marketer ( and I know you are), appreciate that there is a lot of work involved and testing is a key component.  Your data will be your best friend, and these tips will help you launch successful campaigns on the 7Search network.  I look forward to working with you :)



About the Author:

Carolynn Lett has been an Account Manager with 7Search since 2008.  Passionate about learning, she channels her energy into staying on top of marketing news and trends.  Her top priority is ensuring her clients have the best experience possible with .

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  1. I really liked this article. I have used 7Search in the past and as a result of this article I am going to do some campaigns again. If the results come out as good as the campaigns I did a few years ago I can publish a course about it like I have published for PPC using Bing.

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