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Tweets That Can’t Be Missed

The 7Search Twitter feed is an active one. Not only do we talk about things related to PPC, we like to cover everything that it takes to run a smart, efficient business from the marketing perspective. Thanks to today’s content-driven interent, there’s an abundance of resources out there that cover those topics. Our Twitter page and our Facebook page are the outlets we use to share those resources. We like to curate the content we come across every day and share them with our followers.

Here’s a few tweets from the account that can’t be missed!

Hubspot’s “Copywriting Lessons from Companies Doing It Right” 

A huge component of PPC advertising is making sure the copy is good, that it accurately gets the message across and encourages viewers to click-through on the ad. Hubspot’s article shows off companies that are using good copywriting to their advantage. It dives into brands from both a B2C perspective as well as a B2B perspective. Check it out to glean lessons on how these companies are using strong copywriting, and try to incorporate some of those lessons into your copy.

Shopify’s “6 Scientific Principles of Persuasion All Smart Ecommerce Founders Know” 

Shopify has a lot of customers in the ecommerce space, and so does 7Search. We love our ecommerce advertisers, and there’s a lot in this article that our advertisers can benefit from. This post identifies and lists six ways shoppers are influences and persuaded. Take a peek at the article, it’s enlightening, and I’m sure there are points made that can improve the experience your ecommerce shop offers.

Playbuzz’s “#TheDress Data Reveals the Flow of Viral Content’s Global Reach” 

As you probably know, #TheDress was all the rage very, very recently. Is it gold and white, or is it black and blue? What captured my attention was, “Wow, this dress is blowing up super quickly, it’d really be interesting to see the numbers driving The Dress’ takeoff.” And I wasn’t the only one. The linked article dives into how The Dress traveled and what type of traffic it generated. This one is very interesting and could be useful to know.

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