3 New Year’s Goals for Ad Publishers

Now that we’re well into 2015, let’s make this year count! After all, this is the time of the year to make resolutions for improvement. If you’re a 7Search publisher, you’re monetizing your website with the 7Search ads that you serve. That’s your revenue model, and what’s better than earning money with the traffic your website(s) generate? It’s earning more money! So now that we’re in the New Year, let’s set some goals to earn more by improving your revenue model with a more efficient website and better strategies. Here are 3 goals you can set to improve the revenue your site generates.

1. Improve loading speeds

How does this work? Your visitors are visiting your site for the valuable information you offer and they want it quickly. If your website takes a long time to load, many will leave your website never to return again. According to Rocket Fuel, the average bounce rate is 41 to 55 percent. Anecdotally, if we take that data and apply it to your site’s performance, that’s almost half of your visitors coming to your site and leaving immediately. Naturally, we want them to stay and improving load times will help with that. The faster your website is, the easier it is to use and as a result, your visitors will stay longer.

We also put a ton of effort into making sure we serve our ads quickly, and many times our ads will load before the content of a site does. In fact, we serve your user 7Search ads in 80 milliseconds or less. That’s fast! So keep up and get your site loading quickly to earn more!

2. Improve the mobile experience

Mobile is here to stay. Now more than ever before, people are accessing the web from their mobile devices and the ad industry is busy figuring out how to best optimize their website and monetize their traffic on the mobile platform. New options for mobile advertising are being introduced everyday.

Here are two things you can do to make the mobile experience for your users a good one.

  1. A mobile version of your site. You can either implement a responsive design of your website that conforms to your user’s screen and displays information that way. Or create a mobile-specific version of your site that loads your website in a mobile format once the user-agent of the browser is detected.
  2. Implement mobile-specific ads. If you’re serving ads that are meant for the desktop experience, then the user, and your revenue will suffer because you’re not providing the optimal experience.We offer a mobile ad product through our display network. These ads are formatted for mobile devices and serve ads that are built to be viewed on mobile. Implement these through your advertiser dashboard, or if you’re having trouble figuring it out, contact a sales rep to help you get that set up.

3. Continue to cultivate your audience and grow traffic to your site

Marketing! Whatever you’ve been doing to drive traffic to your website, continue to do it and increase the traffic you generate. Whether it’s smart implementation of A/B testing to see what works, or PPC campaigns that drive traffic to your site. You may create smart infographics that are shared on the web or you may have a huge social media following. Whatever you’re doing, double down on it and increase how much traffic your site receives. The more traffic you have, the more opportunity you have to earn more money.

If you’re not already (and you probably are), it’s worth mentioning to implement analytics tracking on your site. Google Analytics is a great, free option that will allow you to track the traffic your site receives, complete with sources. Concentrate on what you’re doing correctly and expand. Look for new opportunities using your analytics dashboard and concentrate on improving on areas where you’re not doing as well as you like (like improving load times and optimizing the mobile experience).

These 3 goals are just to start! You know your website best and what can stand to be improved. Here’s to a very successful 2015 for all of us!